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Tomorrow’s news today

This item, recently shared on Facebook by a New Mexico journalist, helps illustrate our new expectations for communication in the digital age. The exchange is between a customer and Syl, a circulation rep: Customer: “May I have today’s paper?” Syl: … Continue reading

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Your role in the online collaboration behind the Captcha

You know those annoying Captcha squiggly words you’re forced to type in on websites? Luis von Ahn and a group of folks at Carnegie Mellon calculated out how much time is wasted across the planet when you add up each … Continue reading

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Oh, Photoshop, you blurred then cropped the line

I believe the photographer did not set out to deceive us or the public. The end result was more a product of miscommunication and a naive misunderstanding on the photographer’s part. – Andy Howell, executive editor, Ogden Standard-Examiner An important … Continue reading

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The inner life of photojournalists

Checking out San Antonio photojournalist Billy Calzada’s photo book of images from his “Last Picture of My Day” series taken by iphone.

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